Monday, November 23, 2009

These are the result of a mostly painful encounter with paper making.

They are 40% Abaca and 60% unbleached cotton frames that I molded on a vacuum table. The frames vary from 4 inches tall to 4 feet. The narrative that reads in the images are based on a theme I was exploring last year that can roughly be summarized as my misconceptions about my family history.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I just took down my show that I had up at Central Stamp, Corner of Parc and Sherbrooke in Montreal ( Catherine helped). I was up from October to Mid-November. Its a great 50 year old shop where they make custom stamps and much more!

Still Here
LIthography on BFK

Rainbow Rolls are back in business

Scape 1
Lithography on BFK

A serious struggle with printing

My First Go at the Vandercook Letter press!

Series of AA girls, intended as a parody of the exceeding over-sexualized and ridiculous adds that have recently been published. The text that is not posted but accompanies these images are of actual wanted adds. I did for the 4th issue of Sparks Zine.
Screen Print

Triangle Walks
Intaglio Monoprints on BFK

Mexican Bun Bun
Screen Print

Andy's Trap
Screen Print
(poster size)

Feather Bed
Screen Print with embossment(coper plate)

Silk screen

All I want for Christmas
Lithography on Stonehenge

A self portrait...

Series of masks,
I used the images to make a total of 150 wearable masks that I handed out at the 2009 Art Matters Closing party in St-Henri.
Screen print

Intaglio on Somerset

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How We Came To Be
Acrylic and Collage 2008